The Designer

Badr Badawi

Badr Badawi's journey into the world of fashion began in Egypt, where he initially pursued photography, contributing his lens to various magazines. As his career unfolded, he found himself immersed in the realm of fashion, collaborating with creative minds that sparked his interest in the field. Evolving from his roots as a photographer, Badr took to pencil-and-paper, and began to sketch the dresses. 

His pivotal moment arrived during a work trip to the quaint English town of Malton in 2014. It was here that he encountered a mentor who encouraged him to bring his dream of having a bridal brand to life, and "Malton Couture." was born. 

Following the success of Malton Couture in Egypt and Dubai, Badr Badawi ventured into the vibrant market of the United States, setting up his flagship boutique in Houston, Tx. The brand's expansion across continents speaks volumes about its global resonance and appeal.